November 6, 2018

note from our beloved specialist - winter's light collection

behold winter's light... a new collection
inspired by the winter solstice, the collection captures this magical season of dreaming days and winter nights. each piece has been created to mark the journey from one year to the next. together we cast our gaze forwards to the dawning of a new light, as we celebrate and rejoice in love - for all that it represents now, and all that it is yet to become. 
a dazzling collection of 10 individual, one-of-a-kind rings crafted using 14K gold, and rustic Canadian grey diamonds mined in the northwest territories. each is singular, luminous, brilliant and bespoke in her beauty and character. 
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what is your greatest inspiration for your one of a kind beloved pieces? 

we forged these pieces from our hearts. every step of the creation process celebrates love. people are so multifaceted and unique, and that is what makes them special. loving someone for who they are in their entirety is one of the most beautiful things that humans are capable of. below is a excerpt on how differences bring lovers together:

 huge differences may separate us, yet they are exactly what draw us to each other. it is as though forged together we form one presence, for each of us has half of a language that the other seeks. when we approach each other and become one, a new fluency comes alive. a lost world retrieves itself when our words build a new circle. while the call to each other is exciting and intoxicating in its bond of attraction, it is exceptionally complex and tender and, handled indelicately, can bring incredible pain. we can awaken in each other possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. the conversation of togetherness is a primal and indeed perennial conversation. despite the thousands of years of human interaction, it all begins anew, as if for the first time, when two people fall in love. the force of their encounter makes a real clearance; through the power of eros they discover the beauty in each other. stretching the power of eros they discover the beauty in each other. stretching across the distance towards each other, they begin to awaken all the primal echoes where nothing can be presumed but almost everything can be expected.

-John O’Donohue 

why did you choose to make a collection of canadian origin grey diamonds?

we are over the moon in love with our new winter’s light collection. we have never seen grey diamonds from a Canadian mine, they have been rare, if not impossible to source. so, when we came across a stash of them, we had to have them. we knew they would become something incredible.

 what do you love the most about grey diamonds?

grey diamonds are as unique as each individuaI. like a snowflake or a fingerprint, no two are the same. their composition is the same as that of a white diamond, the hardest stones on the earth with fire that shines like no other. it is their complex nuances that we get lost in, as if imbedded in each stone is its own little universe of curiosities and dreams.

xx Maddie - beloved specialist 


Written By Accumula Collaborator
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