July 11, 2016

stone jewels: a bluboho exclusive

We love the eclectic and beautiful addition of gemstones into our jewelry collections!   We love it even more when they hold meaning and energetic properties. Our bluboho exclusive stone rings and earrings are the must have pieces for every gals #ring stack and #ear game - so go on and read below to see which stone resonates with you!  


  • tanzanite has the power to transform the negative into positives! It helps calm and soothe, leading to happiness and relief from worries
  • it also helps provide solutions and is great for changes in ones life and career path
  • this purple-blue stone is available in both 10/14k gold rings and earrings
  • tanzanite is also the birthstone for you december babies!


  • aquamarine comes from the latin word "seawater" and is the stone of the sea and the mystic 
  • this stone is calming, soothing, cleansing and inspires truth
  • it helps you let go of things you are holding onto, releases stress and anger and leads to harmony, peace, courage and clear communication!
  • this blue-green stone is available in both 10/14k gold rings and earrings
  • aquamarine is also the birthstone for you march beauties! 

boulder opal

  • boulder opal provides clarity and purity of thought, un-cluttering a confused mind.
  • it helps calm and centre you and is great for progress, expansion and development 
  • this multi-coloured stone is available in both 10/14k gold rings and earrings
  • opal is also the birthstone for you october gals!


  • labradorite is the stone of magic and stimulating intuition and psychic gifts 
  • this stone helps protect you from any negative energies and brings out the best in us
  • it is great for self-discovery and connecting thoughts/ideas and helps you get into action
  • labradorite is treasured for its remarkable play of color - showing various hues of grey, purple, green and blue tones! It is available in both 10/14k gold rings and earrings

 Which stone piece are you in need of?


**Please note, all stones are natural which means they are all one of a kind and unique like you! (leading to shape and colour variation)

Written By Affan Imran
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