November 7, 2016

the wedding ring your fav celeb would wear

Ever wonder which bluboho ring your favourite celebrity would wear? Us too. We started daydreaming and couldn't stop - here's what we think:

black diamond gold hex

This beauty belongs on Solange Knowles' finger

A dazzling alternative to a classic white diamond for a fashion icon who is all about standing out (Solange!) This centre black diamond hexagon is nestled between a row of white diamonds on either side of the band. Also available with a white sapphire centre. 

trillion ring 

This beauty belongs on Gisele Bundchen's finger

The perfect statement piece for Gisele. It's striking on its own with a unique centre diamond and it's beautiful in a stack for a glamorous night out. The triangle represents past, present and future, the perfect way to honour the life she's built with her love and family.

protected ring

This beauty belongs on Blake Lively's finger

Inspired by a vintage style that's classic and elegant just like Blake, the protected ring represents a love you intend to protect forever. The sapphire is a symbol of power and strength, but also of kindness and wise judgment - which we love!

the promise me

This beauty belongs on Jamie Chung's finger

Jamie's style is classic, feminine and beautiful which is why we think she'd love the promise me ring. The promise me ring is simple and understated. Available in yellow and rose gold, it goes with everything - making it truly timeless.

diamond mine

This beauty belongs on Vanessa Hudgens's finger

Love takes on many shapes. This band has oval and diamond shapes that gracefully dance along a gold band dotted with white diamonds. It's non-traditional and totally boho, just like Vanessa. Be sure to check out the mini protection, the perfect piece to stack it with. case you missed it, last week's blog is a must-see for all our new brides. we picked out the best destination wedding venues! can now shop some of our favourite bridal pieces online. For our full bridal collection, visit our queen street store xo

Written By Affan Imran
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