October 11, 2016

9 reasons why you deserve 9 wishes

Our love for jewels goes so much deeper than just a love for all things beautiful. We love jewels because they mark moments in time, celebrate life, and serve as physical reminders of our soul's journey. The 9 wishes bracelet has nine beautiful 14k rose gold beads, each representing a wish. We love this bracelet because every time we wear it, we carry our deepest desires with us. 

Behind the Number 9

  1. Magic: 9 represents all the beautiful and magical things in the world. Believe in magic when making your wishes - anything is possible
  2. Destiny: 9 represents the future. Make a wish on how you hope your stars align
  3. Leadership: 9 represents the leader in you. Is there something you want to start? who run the world? girls.
  4. Wisdom: 9 represents your knowledge and experience. Wear this at a time when you need good judgement, and remember you are wise 
  5. Creative Abilities: 9 represents your innovation and vision. Perhaps you are starting a new creative journey in your life. How do you wish to inspire the world?
  6. Universal Love: 9 represents embracing all kinds of love. Gift this piece to someone you love and write down 9 wishes for them in a card
  7. Eternity: 9 represents all that it everlasting. Wish for everlasting love, friendship, and health
  8. Soul Mission: 9 represents what you were meant to do. Wish for guidance and support to achieve that mission 
  9. Aquarius: 9 represents luck for all of you Aquarius out there. The perfect lucky gift for someone born between January 19 and February 18

Once you've made all 9 wishes adjust the nylon to hug your wrist and wear it everyday reminding you to dare to dream. 

What would you do with 9 wishes?


Written By Affan Imran
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