April 16, 2018

bluboho x SCOSHA

aussie born Scosha Woolridge is one of our most loved designers. with a wild heart and passion for travelling, SCOSHA draws constant inspiration from the landscape, cultures, and people she has both been introduced to throughout her life, as well as on her travels to the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and South America. her beautiful pieces combine a vibrant mix of textures, brightly coloured nylon, precious and semiprecious materials, creating a true sense of wonder, beauty and timelessness in all of her pieces.

SCOSHA's designs draw from a memory of a young girl she encountered whilst traveling through India. this young girl had delicately woven a bright pink thread, and a perfect tiny bead, into her newly pierced ears. struck by such a simple and beautifully harmonious combination, this inspiration formed the basis of SCOSHA's signature braided bracelet.

from her Brooklyn based studio, SCOSHA now works with a family of jewelers and braiders to lovingly handcraft each of her designs. a true master in her craft, SCOSHA has collaborated with major companies in recent years, including Abercombie & Fitch, Denim + Supply, Club Monaco, and Ralph Lauren for the Polo Ralph Lauren U.S. Olympic Collection for both the 2016 Rio Olympics and the recent 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. she has recently developed a new fine collection, incorporating her wondrous and raw style, into stunning, more refined pieces for both men and women.


we recently spoke with her about her jewelry, her influences and what moves her, uncovering a little more about what makes SCOSHA, SCOSHA.

what should every woman try at least once in her life?
what is the best advice you've been given?
“you have to decide to be happy. don't expect someone to make you happy”
what does love sound like?
“silence, even when there are loud noises and tons of chaos going on around you”
why is jewelry important to you?
“jewelry represents personal identity, a tribal connection. it's inspiring and gratifying to look at. jewelry
has great balance between being playful and heartfelt; it can be indulgent but also very spiritual. it's also
a beautiful way to adorn yourself with texture that for some reason humans love and are attracted to”
is there an artist/painting/photo that moves you?
“there are so many artists i've cried over, i can't choose just one.
Cy Twombly - poetically, i love him. Frank Stella - his work blows my mind and makes me hyper excited.
Louise Bourgeois - she is so bad ass. Basquiat - he was a genius businessman and artist. 
i could go on and on…"
3 most played artists in your house?
“Bob Marley, Cat Power, Aretha Franklin”
what is your go-to dish when you have a dinner party?
“olives!!! i love a salty olive with garlic”
what is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
“that i was a fitness instructor for 15 years, or that i did improv theatre?”
what is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?
“that time didn’t go so fast. but how could you ever explain that kind of thing to a kid?
by the time you figure it out, that time has already passed!”


✨ bluboho x SCOSHA event ✨

this weekend, SCOSHA will be at bluboho creating custom pieces on the spot using her signature friendship bracelets, combined with your choice of charm, or hand-stamped bar. SCOSHA has also chosen this event to be the international debut of her new fine collection. whether you're looking to add to your stack, thinking ahead for a personalized birthday present for a friend, or getting ready for mother's day, you won't want to miss this pop-up. 



oakville shop
friday, april 20
5pm -8pm

yonge street
saturday, april 21

2pm - 5pm

queen street west
sunday, april 22
2pm - 5pm


Written By Becca Bluboho
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