January 18, 2016

phases of the moon

We love the little things in life, like walking outside and looking up at the sky to see the magical moon! The moon has many phases, as it takes 27.3 days to fully orbit earth. The phase we see is dependant on the position of the moon in correlation to the Sun and Earth.

Since we love the beautiful phases of the moon, we decided to share with you some of our favourite moon pieces!

luna hugger:

  • This 14k yellow gold and sterling silver hugger brings the power of the moon to your #eargame!
  • This beauty symbolizes new beginnings and manifesting your dreams into reality 
  • Shop these huggers online and in stores !
  • The Luna looks great in your first ear piercing, or if you're like us and have a few, it's small enough as a second piercing jacket as well! We love it in the first piercing with a crawler (like this beauty) in our second, going up the natural curve of our's a fun way to wear both styles at the same time!

handwoven crescent moon bracelet:

  • This 10k yellow gold crescent moon with a white diamond hangs on a hand braided, waxed nylon bracelet (waterproof!)
  • The crescent moon symbolizes personal growth and new beginnings...what things have you been manifesting? the crescent is a great time to heighten your manifestations!  
  • Shop these bracelets in stores !

diamond crescent moon:

  • This 14k yellow gold crescent moon is filled with 12 beautiful handset white diamonds, as it gracefully lays below your neck 
  • Handcrafted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this is a timeless classic that looks even more elegant when layered with your favourite lariat or single-diamond necklace 
  • Shop this necklace in stores !

stacking crescent moon ring:

  • This 14k yellow gold ring set with a sparkling white diamond is one of our own bluboho creations!
  • Intentionally crafted to be stacked with our Faceted Felicity, Plain Jane or Twisted Sister rings, this moon ring allows you to build a custom stack of rings of your choosing! 
  • Shop our moon rings online and in stores !

diamond full moon:

  • This 14k rose gold full moon necklace is handset with 7 extra-clear, extra-white diamonds 
  • Sitting at 16", this necklace provides ample space for you to create a delicate gold layer...we personally love the full moon necklace with the lava drop lariat
  • Full moon's appear when the whole disk is lit up, just like this necklace
  • Shop this piece online and in stores !

nylon full moon:

  • This 14k yellow gold full moon sits in the middle of an adjustable nylon bracelet
  • Delicate and light, this bracelet looks best when you create your own custom #stack! here's what we recommend: the 9 wishes bracelet in your favourite colour, the protect me bracelet for security, and the gold wink bracelet for a touch of whimsy! 
  • Shop this full moon bracelet in stores !

Go ahead and get your moon on!


Written By Fiona Turko
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