December 14, 2015

a bluboho holiday for everyone

The Holiday spirit is in full swing!

If you are one of those last minute shoppers who is currently panicking over gift ideas, don't worry, bluboho has got you covered for everyone on your list! 

the unique gal 

-Everyone has that picky person they can't find the right gift for because their style is so unique. This is solved with the mix and match of an earring party. 

-Play around with studs, crawlers and huggers to create the perfect unique gift that will delight your "hard to shop for friend".

the playful friend

-You are looking for something that's fun, playful and will stand out from the rest... yep, we got it!

-These sterling silver bracelets are the perfect addition to any stack!

-The evil eye is said to bring balance, protection and to ward off bad karma for the wearer, while the buddha represents a harmonious way of life.

-Not totally sure your friend will like the eye or buddha bracelet? We've got something for everyone, because they also come in stars, hearts and elephants too!

friendship - a gift for two

-Have you ever gone shopping for a friend but find yourself wanting to get one for yourself too? We've been there and done that!

-These waxed macrame bracelets are hand made using an ancient weaving technique, leaving an essence of harmonizing cultures. 

-Hand set with a white diamond bezelled in 10k yellow gold, we've got a colour for everyone! Find these pieces in stores.

secret santa 

-Shopping for your Secret Santa can be tricky and finding the perfect gift at the right price point can seem like a daunting task at the holidays. 

-This sterling silver bubble crawler is an all time favourite and is seriously comfortable!

-This Secret Santa gift will look like you really out did yourself this year. Get ready to tell friends where you discovered this little treasure!

love you, mom 

-Mom, we love you, but you really are the hardest to shop for! 

-This coco bracelet is an all time classic, which she won't want to take it off (which is a good thing). 

-14k gold beads are strung along the entire bracelet, giving it a classic and minimalistic look. If that wasn't perfect enough, it's easy to put on and take off due to the adjustable nylon closure. 

dear lover 

-Shopping for the perfect gift for someone special and close to your heart can seem like a difficult task, but we're here to tell you we've personally selected truly unique pieces that you won't see on anyone else. 

-This 1 ct. untouched, sliced diamond is wrapped in 14k yellow gold with white diamonds dancing along the sides. 

-Each ring is truly unique and one of a kind because it is hand made.  Find beauty in store.

-note: diamond slices are perfect but delicate - so beautiful that it should only come out during a special occasion

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We hope to see you soon!

 P.s... you can now make a Wishlist online! Select the item you like and on the right hand side click the heart to turn blue! Click View Wishlist to save for yourself or share with others! 


Written By Affan Imran
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