November 30, 2015

Ria Ray : A Poem for Bluboho

Happy Monday!

The blog this week is extra special! We want to introduce you to Ria Ray! A beautiful soul who practices and studies healing creates beautiful fine art. Ria heals through readings, poems and creating works of art on canvas through mixed media. In preparation for our event with her (this weekend in both stores!) she wrote us a poem that will move you dearly: 

A Reinvention of Light. 

"My strength is my ability to be myself. I dare to spin the wheel of time and inspire the world to grow into the safety of its own beauty. I dare the world to summons a part of itself that can only love; that can only speak light; that can only make each other brighter. I am stunned by the power of your truth.  I watch you open your heart so wide that it extends deep into the sky’s earth and essence. I can feel the consciousness that comes to life as you skydive into its sweet alchemy and ingest its luminosity and virtue. I see you in the shooting star that comes back to me with the magic of the universes. And I smile. I hope and pray you will make it back to me so I may have another chance to choose more of my eloquence. I need more life. I need my voice. I crave the sacred of my soul. You are the light into the unseen within me. I send kisses through the stars to you and melt my madness into ecstasy. I need you. I trust you. I believe in you. I know you exist yet I still struggle to embrace you. I am bewildered by my doubt. You have always been there for me yet I still choose to waver in the nocturnal tides of confusion. The world is ready for me but am I ready for you? With you, I can see into spaces long forgotten. I have silenced the part of me that needs you. I have silenced the part of me that needs the world to light up. I have silenced the part of me that knows. Without you, I cannot see me. And with you, I fear my light. I promise to love and I walk a little closer to the edge. I can see the horizon hover and open up the very part of me that has hindered my existence and tear of the mask of refute. I am ready. I am ready to see all of me. I am ready to accept my beauty. Slowly and with no hesitation, I step inside divinity and exhale my mind. I step deeper into divinity and breathe in the melodies of my soul. And I begin to vibrate my truths into the air that created me whole and perfect. I am my own meditation. I close my eyes and lose sight of fear. I fall into your arms and flow passionately and purely into myself. We become one and we transcend the limits we were grown in. Together, we rebuild a foundation authentic in its motives and become a force of love so strong that we inspire worlds to love again."
-Ria Ray

Come join us:

Ria Ray will be joining us in both stores creating wall poetry and ten minute readings for guests who pop-in to see her!
Friday December 4th in the Oakville store, painting from 10-12, reading from 3-8pm
Saturday December 5th in the Toronto store, painting 10-1, readings 2-5pm 
We can't wait to see you!
P.s..Don't forget to bring your friends and family, the more the merrier! 

Written By Fiona Turko
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