September 21, 2015

dainty layering 101: yellow gold style

Have you always admired the look of layered jewelry but you aren't sure how to get the look? Well, lucky you! That's exactly what we are here for and we are going to show you how to master that layered dainty look!


  • Start off the foundation to your stack with the basics by picking out a few thin bands. We love to mix the style of the bands, so layer some plain and hammered bands (don't be scared of the midi ring, it's so in and it adds a fun twist to your stack!)
  • Now that you have your base, it's time to find a thin ring that has a design or shape on it. We love this diamond outline beauty because it gives you the look of a shape but it's not filled in so you aren't getting all that weight!
  • Lastly, our favourite! You'll want to add some sparkle to your stack because let's be real, diamonds are any gals best friend! Explore your options and find something that is still thin and dainty that shows off the metal. In the stack above you can still see the yellow gold along with the diamonds, which is a perfect way to finish off a stack. *the diamond ring featured above is available in stores!


  • We love to start off a stack with the coco bracelet, it's a favourite of ours! It's super easy to get on and off because it's on nylon. Available in grey and black, this beauty adds some neutral colour to your stack...bonus! *yellow gold coco available in stores
  • Next, you'll want to select a piece that's different from the nylon bracelet, so go for a fine chain. Like the diamond outline ring in our ring stack, we love the dainty look by doing a piece that has a circle outline.
  • Lastly, you'll want something to add some pop to your stack. Go for a symbol or shape, we chose an evil eye because of the way it sits horizontal in the middle. Plus, eyes of protection represent security and watchfulness, a symbol everyone needs in their life! *evil eye bracelet above is in stores!



  • With necklaces it's all about chain length and pendant size. Start off your layered look with a small pendant, such as an evil eye with a shorter chain length, around 16 inches is best. *evil necklace above is in stores
  • Next, you'll want a chain length that will sit below, around 17-18 inches works well. Go with a pendant that lays horizontal, as it adds a different direction to your stack.
  • Lastly, pick a necklace that sits lower on you, 18 inches will sit below but we love the look of an even longer length like 20-24 inches. When selecting the style of pendant, go for something that hangs vertically. We love how this triangle is pointing down with white diamonds glittering at the edge *swoon*. (all necklaces above are in stores!)


  • Start off with a stud in your first piercing by finding a shape or symbol that has sparkle or colour in it.
  • For the second piercing do a crawler that goes up your ear, as it adds dimension and makes it appear like you have more piercings!

Now that you have the basics to layering we hope to see you in stores to create the perfect look for you! If you are in the mood to lounge in your pyjamas and hang out with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) you can always shop online

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Get layering beauties!


Written By Fiona Turko
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