June 13, 2016

new at bluboho: Munio candles

There is nothing like walking into a beautiful space and the scent that lingers in the air takes you to a magical and relaxing place. At bluboho, we are all about creating a beautiful experience that enhances your senses, creating the perfect harmony from the moment you walk into one of our spaces. 

Munio candles

Munio candles embody the perfect balance of peace and harmony. As they put it, their candles create and conceive in the homes where the light from the candles falls, taking you on a magical ride of discovery. Some will discover what the land where they jump over bonfires on midsummer night, smells like! 

All candles are made using 100% natural soy wax and aromas, and just to top it off the packaging is eco friendly and uses recyclable, glue-less and unbleached packaging printed with vegetable-based inks! 

soy wax clay pot candle

  • This isn't your typical candle, with a handmade clay pot and a wooden wick in the center that creates a delightful cracking noise! 
  • These lovely pots are handmade in Portland, Oregon by Mudshark Studios. Each pot is one of a kind and once your candle has been loved to the end of the pot you can clean it and reuse it!
  • Each pot is hand stamped to mark the scent, the 3 scents are peppermint, weldors and juniper!
  • Handmade using soy wax, wooden wick, essential oil and clay! 

mini pillar candle 

  • We love that the flowers and lemongrass are left exposed in the candles. A candle as pretty as this is perfect for display in your living room, bedroom or even your washroom! Even when it's not lit you can smell the scent lingering in the air 
  • This lovely scent is juniper and limonium flowers with a mix of lemongrass and mint! 
  • Handmade using soy wax, cotton wick, essential oils, limonium flowers, juniper sprigs and lemongrass/mint scent (yummm!!!)

The perfect candles that everyone needs, a blend of style, function and ecology! Be sure to swing by our bluboho locations to shop these yummy candles!

Written By Fiona Turko
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